Wine pairings for Pairings #4: Can't Find My Way No More

Can't Find My Way No More paired with Paul Mas Estate Malbec


Next up for Peter Turner's pairings of wines with songs from Pairings, we have a strong, full-bodied red wine. Can't Find My Way No More is an original tune I wrote in the throes of jet lag. I originally intended it as a vocal/drum duet and was inspired by the sound of spiritual music after watching 12 Years a Slave on a flight home from Europe. I was also feeling particularly lost and vulnerable at the time. Where does a lapsed Catholic turn to for solace?


Daniel Janke and I have played and recorded this song together a number of ways, and I've also performed it solo, using the audience as my percussion section. I love that it's been so versatile and I feel as though I can still make new discoveries with it.


Daniel Janke and Fawn Fritzen


Here are Peter's notes about this pairing:


This is a full bodied red with rich dark-fruit notes, plum, spice, herbs and some tannins. I’d serve it with a steak or BBQ. 


Complexity . . . percussion . . . strength . . . and perseverance. Maybe I read too much spirituality into this song, but for me, Malbec speaks to connections of faith, links from medieval Europe to the Catholic passion, and links of New World South America. Plus, the Malbec wine makers of central France refer to their dark creation as the "black blood of Cahors", which for me is an almost gospel-like description.


Check out the song here:


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