Wine pairings for Pairings songs

I promised ages ago that I would share the list of wines that Peter Turner matched up with songs from Pairings. I know all of these wines are available at the liquor store here in Whitehorse, so I think you'd be able to find them in most "southern" liquor stores, too. Why not buy a bottle (or five) and try them out with the songs yourself?


One of the fun and interesting things about preparing the CD release concerts here in Whitehorse was creating the set list around Peter's wine choices. Because the wines needed to be served in a particular order — starting with the lightest-tasting and progressing to heartier flavours — the pairings ended up dictating the order of the songs. The songs were therefore in a different order than I would typically have chosen to perform them; it forced me to think creatively about how to build the show and complementary songs to play between these ones.


Without further ado, the songs from Pairings, along with their accompanying wines, plus the food pairings created by chef Michael Boudreau:


Peter Turner introducing wine

Make It a Double
Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling
with petit choux gougère et Brie fondue


Just a Little Dance
Underwood Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir
with pommes Parisienne au truffles et pancetta


Begin the Beguine
Puglia Luccarelli Negroamaro
Michael Boudreauwith canapés Roquefort


Can't Find My Way No More
Paul Mas Estate Malbec
with bouchés de bourguignon


Lies of Handsome Men
Casa Dos Vinhos Da Madeira Malmsey
with pumpkin spice pear flan


I'm going to share Peter's reasoning for pairing each of these songs with the wines, but putting it all here would make for a very long post indeed, so I'll let you digest this. Why not stop by the liquor store to stock up? You can follow along with your very own tasting as I share each story.


By the way, I would LOOOOVE to do something similar at a British Columbian or Ontarian winery, using all local wines. Anyone have vintner contacts?


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