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Pairings Testimonials

The Yukon jazz singer makes the minimalism work on her second album "Pairings". By limiting herself to very few backing players - and in most cases, just a single supporting musician - she creates a lot of open room for her sublime singing and her collaborators' superb sense of swing. I'd like to suggest one more pairing...all jazz lovers' ears and this wonderful recording.
— Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio

What a glorious album Pairings is. Simply glorious. The multi-talented musician Fawn Fritzen – vocalist, chanteuse, vaudevillian, actress, and pianist – just has to be herself in all of those personae and such wonderful things happen that it takes your breath away. Fawn Fritzen’s is a fascinating yet compact masterpiece and bears repeated listening for there is so much going on in this performance. The atmospheric duets – seemingly growing out of a dimly lit stage – even in darkness – are conjured up on this compelling performance.
— Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama

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Bedroom Voice Testimonials

The result of Fritzen and Janke's collaboration is a treasure of vocal jazz. It captures the strength and expression of Fritzen's voice and songwriting with Janke's skills and experimentation to create a thoroughly enjoyable album.
— Barry "Jack" Jenkins, What's Up, Yukon

Fawn's CD is lovely. She has a warm, relaxed sound and she knows how to communicate. Her accompaniment here is perfect – clear and economical – always supporting, never overwhelming as she tells her story.
— Reg Schwager

Fawn Fritzen is beautiful. She is a beautiful vocalist and a great songwriter. I was really drawn into her music on her album "Bedroom Voice". Her original compositions have a very familiar feeling and blend so well with her choices of standard material. I was really taken with her English/German rendition of Gentle Rain. A stellar, sincere performance of a beautiful jazz standard. Life So Sweet and I'm a Fool For You are great examples of her preeminent writing skills. I feel Fawn's heart and I'm looking forward to hearing a lot more beautiful music from her in the future.
— Joani Taylor

Thanks Fawn Fritzen for your debut album, 'Bedroom Voice', the best CD I own. Your voice enlightens the whole world and unlocks our hidden feelings. Another additional treat is the insightful and beautifully written liner. For those that appreciate crossed jazz music with folk, rock, country and even blues, you would appreciate this CD.
— Bruce Wallace

Fawn is refreshing. There is a beautiful quality that shines through her from her soul. I love the pure tones of her voice, so pleasing to listen to. I want to shout out a really big bravo about this album — to all the many facets that were brought together to create its wholeness. I love the CD cover, the colors, the pictures, the words — all flow in a very beautiful way. There is a very bright light shining here and her name is Fawn. I thoroughly enjoyed every inch of this album.
— Maureen M.

I was impressed from the first song to the last song. I really loved that you put a little notation about each song and why it means something to you; that made the CD even more enjoyable. Your voice is awesome and I can honestly say I will not look at a cup of black coffee the same again. I cannot wait for the future to hear more from you.
— Timothy J. Bertrand