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The 45th Frantic Follies!

Posted on June 9th, by Fawn in Front page updates, Performing. 1 Comment

The Frantic Follies have begun! With two girls doing end-of-schoolyear stuff, life has been pretty frantic, but with the Follies schedule on top of it all, at least it’s a FUN frantic! I’ve finally managed to get my schedule into a pretty calendar, so if you’re in Whitehorse you can see when I’ll be onstage, or when the other ladies (Claire Ness and Katie Tait) will be there.

The schedule has its own page on the Appearances section of my website, but here it is:

Frantic Follies

See you at the Follies!

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  1. Nita says:

    I see you’re taking July off … Going on a holiday somewhere? :)

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