Wine pairings for Pairings #2: Just a Little Dance

Just a Little Dance paired with Underwood Cellars Oregon Pinot Noir


Next up in our series of songs from Pairings paired up with wines, as chosen by Peter Turner, we have a lovely light red wine. Just a Little Dance was written specifically to record with George Koller. I see it as a somewhat moodier song, but Peter and his wine-tasting panel interpreted it in a more playful light. It's always interesting to learn how other people hear your songs!


For the CD release, I performed this song with Whitehorse-based bassist Paul Bergman.

Here are Peter's pairing notes:


This is an awesome lighter weight red wine from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Despite the praises for California Pinot Noirs, the best Pinots outside of France come from the cooler-climated state of Oregon. This wine has earthy, musky, elements. It pairs really well fois gras or mushroom dishes. Bright fruit notes (think red currants, strawberries) and a little herbal and earth on the finish.


Pinot Noirs are sneaky, their passion slightly hidden, particularly those from Oregon, which are the subversive, lesser-known treats.  There's something about the bass notes on this track that speak to me of depth and surprise, coupled with the bright vocal notes of bright red fruit that come out with the taste and message of the Pinot's Little Dance.


Check out the song here:

(Or watch the video on the front page of this site!



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